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By consummation of Riptropin you will achieve the dramatic regeneration, mainly after hard training process, as well as by illness. Riptropin is known for its pureness and maximal effect short after the application period. Effects after the application period will be visible after 2-3 days. By combination with anabolic androgenic steroids Riptropin significantly increases the required effect. After the consummation period of anabolic androgenic steroids, it is an ideal preparation into the post-cycle therapy (PCT) due to the largest possible maintenance of muscle gains in the period of hormone levels balancing in the body. It is scientifically proved that Riptropin by its consummation multiplies muscle cells. None other preparation has this ability. The volume of recommended dose is 4-10iu a day. Riptropin is necessary to dilute in bacteriostatic water, at least 1ml. to 10 I.U. Results from application are better, when the daily amount is not consumed all at once, but in several partial doses. The period, during which is the STH applied, is not shorter than 6 weeks (its effect does not decrease neither by long-term effect, while also after several month consummation, the same amount of the dose is enough to create the same effect, as in the beginning of the consummation).

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